Pinecrest Baptist Church's Transition

We are in a state of transition. For several years we were located on Hampton Street in Auburn, MA. We thank the Lord for those premises and from what He accomplished amongst us at Hampton Street. Surely He has blessed us and we have outgrown the facility. After a few years of praying, the Lord enabled us to purchase land for a new building, sell our premises on Hampton Street, and in December 2012 we moved to our current temporary meeting location in Millbury. Praise the Lord for His guidance and provision.

We are now in process of building on the new property which is located on the corner of McCracken RD and Dwinell Rd. in Millbury. It is a big process. However, we serve a BIG God and we trust in His ability to see this project to completion. Please take a moment to watch the video below for more information. If the Lord should move you to make a donation to this project then please either contact us (link on left side bar) or contact Baptist Church Planters

As the Apostle Paul consistently asked fellow-saints for their prayers, we also ask you to pray for us during this transition time.

Photos of the site, survey, and preliminary building plans:

(click on images to enlarge)

Please check back periodically for updates on our project.